Hello world! Just a beginning.

June 15, 2009

Ha! After several months passing comments on other peoples blogs the time time has come to begin blogging myself.

My interest is the relationship between food and health and the relationship and causality between food and chronic illness. Of particular interest is the seeming lack of consensus upon the causal factors giving rise to obesity and type 2 diabetes. The outlook for this is one of a United Kingdom perspective because that is where I hail from.  That said, there ought to be considerable commonality between between this and other developed nations.

Here in the United Kingdom our own Food Standards Agency, while being in possession of a much broader remit also has the stated intention of addressing health issues though promoting healthy eating advice for the consumer. High amongst their concerns they declare are heart disease, (CVD and CHD),  obesity and diabetes.  You might think that this may be quite clear cut objective for the FSA and a simple thing to promote, as I once did, but having taken a much greater interest I am in no doubt that this is indeed an issue that is both complicated and challenges some  accepted wisdom. In short, some of what is widely accepted, entrenched and unquestioned, may well be completely invalid.  Some of the policies of the Food Standards Agency are really open to challenge. They may well be plain wrong.

Obesity and diabetes are of particular interest to me because I am overweight and type 2 diabetic. I’d like to address the issue of my excess weight and better manage my diabetes. I have self managed diabetes for some time with varying degrees of success, but since my doctor does not consider my case to require prescribed medication then I guess I can be pleased thus far. It would be helpful for my desire to lose weight if I knew what caused my weight gain. Too much food and not enough exercise may be a simple and valid explanation. Never in the past have I been able to lose weight solely through diet alone. I have done quite well in the past through taking exercise but exercise is demanding of my time. Rather than slogging it out in the gym I’d be happier simply being active as part of my general lifestyle.

Even prior to six months ago I had held  more than a passing interest in the relationship between food and health but then six months ago I was inspired to renew that interest and in much greater detail. I began reading up again in earnest and chanced upon the work of two authors that really set me thinking. My reading list has grown considerably since and at a pace that outstrips my ability to read on. It has been worthwhile, my insight has grown considerably since then and some of my newly acquired knowledge is indeed revelatory.  I am not clever, I rely upon the writings of others far more learned than I, but I was sparked by a couple of things to begin questioning and reasoning for myself. In a moment of inspiration, i had what I describe as original thought but then immediately qualify by saying as original to me. By that I mean that others may have similar views but in that moment I was unaware of them. I would later feel great relief that the idea I had lighted on was apparent in the writings of a few others.

The idea was akin to a hypothesis regarding obesity and diabetes, but lacking formal training and letters after my name i do not like to overplay the word. The power inherent in the idea was in having reasoned it out for myself. Of course I could not have got there without having been prompted by the two authors but I was  mortified that the idea, being some thoughts on the reasons for the growing and alarming trend in obesity, was not promoted by others. It took me some time, but when I tracked down authors who were offering explanations that were in part along the lines of my idea it did come as some relief. Since then I have found a number of publications that resonate with my thinking. These works are contrary to prevailing mainstream opinion and that is what makes them interesting because some of the commonly accepted messages you and I receive everyday from a number of sources may well be faulted.

This blog will largely be centred upon my endeavours to ditinguish for myself, food good sense from food nonsense. Moreover I want to lose weight. I have done so already though I have some scope to lose more. If I can lose weight without resorting to severe calorie restriction, exercising madly, or resorting to a faddy dietplan then in all likelihood so can you.